Baltic Cup Aravete 23. -24.09.2022

In Araveta, Estonia, 23. -24.09.2022 Baltic Cup in Karting will take place. With this competition, the Baltic Cup in Karting will experience its renaissance. After a break of many years, the best Baltic people will gather together and find out who is the very, very, very best karting player in our region.

This competition will be as an introduction to the coming seasons, where it is planned that one stage will take place in each country, respectively one in Lithuania, one in Latvia and one in Estonia. Such a memorandum of agreement has been signed by all three parties involved.

But this year all Latvian athletes who still have the energy, desire and opportunities to compete are invited to participate, because all championships in Latvia have already ended, but the Rotax Grand Finals are still ahead and the form must not be lost.

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